The emergence of Android operative system has brought the revolutions in  the way we think and the understanding of mobile phones that we had so far. He spread so fast, that now Android can be found in every aspect of our life and he is there to stay. Market brought in different types of mobile phones who now have variety of options: bigger or smaller screens, high resolution of screen and camera, big memory and large scale of other features. We use them for every day work related tasks, for watching movies, playing music and playing games.

Playing games over the Internet has gain momentum and now is available to everyone from children and teenagers to older people. Someone is there just to have some fun while others are there to win some money.

As far as playing games for money lately are much more popular so called Android pokies who are specially designed application for your android smart phone or tablets and are available on Google market, or depending on a web site you choose to visit you can easily find it in your web browser, download it and install it manually.

Many of these applications offer users to play for free or for real money. That depends how big of a expert you are. Internet is global market, so you have huge amount of games and a big selection at your disposal. You only have to choose trustworthy on line casino with clearly displayed rules and to make your first deposit.

Most popular Android pokies are: slot machines and fruits more serious games are: jackpots, Texas poker, roulette and many others that give you great fun and chance to earn.  For beginners it’s always best to download some application who will give you a chance to get a better grasp of what you are dealing with, to learn some ropes before indulging yourselves in more serious games.

Usually these applications offer their users selection of free games so that players can only use them for fun. We know have these games incorporated even in social networks so they are spreading fast. A lot of people when using some social network would sometimes use a chance to play a game, they are usually offered some bonus rounds or they would have to fulfill some tasks like to send a game request to all their friends so that they can get a free coins. That all depends on what type of a game you are playing.

It’s inevitable that we are dealing here with some serious mass production. Every day we have more and more pokies to choose and now they are available everywhere. Some would say that they have bad influence on today’s youth, because they are producing the future generation of gamblers while others have positive view and they look upon them like some sort of an entertainment. The conclusion here is: you have to know when to stop and to find a way to separate a real life from a habit who could easily become an addicting one.

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